Estate House

The Estate House

A party was held on Friday 18th November 2016 to celebrate the opening of the new Estate House. For many, the party was the first opportunity to have a good look at this extraordinary project. It was also a chance to recognize and thank the many people who helped bring it to life.

Dennis McNeill, John Morgan, Andrew Hedley and the Rosewood team worked with Andrew Goodenough on the scope and design of the project. The Jumby Bay team, along with interior designer Dennis Irvine, joined forces with various local artists and tradespeople to give the property a timeless, understated and authentic old world charm.

Once again, John Morgan stepped up to manage the construction project with Michele Thomas working tirelessly on the ground as the Project Manager. Having learned his trade while working for Robbie Roberts over many years, this was Colin Harrigan’s first project on Jumby Bay as General Contractor. As Robbie’s anointed successor, Colin saw the project as an opportunity to showcase the exceptional skills of his team and the quality of his work.

The Estate House is now a world-class venue with a very special character and identity. The food, cocktails and wines compete with any restaurant in London or New York. But it is so much more than a bar and restaurant, it is the heart of our beautiful island. It is the place for homeowners and guests to meet, mingle and feel very much at home.  We look forward to seeing you there!