The Fund

Shark Bait Swim: On Sunday 23rd April we held the 13th Annual Shark Bait Swim. We had a total of 99 competitors this year, 93 of whom finished the 1.89 mile race. It was a breezy day and conditions were fairly choppy but that didn’t slow down the overall winner Sebastian Gobinet. He finished in 41 minutes 47 seconds which is an enormous achievement!

Two homeowners took part in the race with Elizabeth Bunce finishing in a brisk 78 mins 32 secs and thus becoming the fourth winner of the Homeowners Shield. Olivia Simpson, who only decided to race seconds before the start, finished in a valiant 83 minutes 40 seconds.

As the only open water event in Antigua The Shark Bait Swim has become an important event in the local swimming calendar. A number of swimming clubs take part with over thirty entrants this year from the Dolphin’s Swim Club run by Mrs Edwards who does a tremendous job teaching many disadvantaged young kids to swim. The Jumby Bay Fund has also pledged to pay for scholarships at Swalings to enable twenty children to enrol each year and learn to swim.

From a fundraising point of view the event has come a very long way. Thirteen years ago the first swim raised EC$16,000 and this year we have already received donations of over US$340,000 and we hope this figure will continue to grow.

Care Project: Andrew Goodenough, who has provided his architectural services pro bono, is now in the final stages of designing the new campus we are building for the severely disabled residents at the Care Project. This is the single largest project undertaken so far by the Jumby Bay Fund and we have already raised the necessary one million US dollars to fund it. Michele Thomas has agreed to act as Project Manager and the tendering process will soon be underway with ground breaking expected in September. We will be keeping you updated so please watch this space.

The Website: Renowned photographer Margo Davis has recently been kind enough to visit and photograph the various projects we support through the fund and her photographs will very soon be put up on our newly designed website –

We hope the new website is informative and helpful and we plan to use it to softly promote the Fund to a broader base of island visitors other than just our homeowners. Also, now that we have the capability to accept online donations through the website, it has become even easier to donate!