The Yacht Club

Sailing a Hobie Cat up and down the shore of the main beach has always been an exhilarating part of the Jumby Bay experience. With the gusty off shore prevailing winds, it is a challenge to see if you can make it back without the help of Dexter and his team!

The idea of taking sailing to the next level was conceived in early 2016 and four RS Elites were duly ordered in the Summer. The boats were made to order at the RS headquarters in the South of England before being shipped to Jumby Bay.

The RS Elite is a 24’4” modern classic style keel yacht which combines beautiful handling, tactical racing and performance. They can be sailed by a crew of two or three and it is a truly breathtaking sight to see them all out on the water in full sail.

In January of this year the boats arrived and the Jumby Bay Yacht Club was born. Races are held each Friday afternoon involving staff, homeowners and hotel guests. As Race Officer, Dexter is responsible for starting races and for setting courses either out in the Sound towards Bird Island or off the main beach. Dexter is ably supported by Vaughn and Imran as well as the other members of the Water Sports department and although these events are highly competitive they are also great fun for sailors of all levels.

NonSuch Bay Resort have their own fleet of RS Elites as well as a competitive group of sailors and so it wasn’t long before the gauntlet was thrown down. NonSuch Bay initially brought their boats to us and beat us fair and square in our own waters. Soon afterwards, we went to them to take on crews from both NonSuch Bay and Mill Reef Club. Happily, thanks to our team which included Matthew Strassberg, his son Alex, Mark and Debbie Reid and Andrew Hedley, Jumby Bay were victorious and returned with heads held high. More inter-resort contests are on the cards for next season!

The weekly races continue each Friday and all are welcome. Contact Dexter at Water Sports for more information.