Hurricane Irma Fund

The Fund

The response from homeowners following Hurricane Irma has been extraordinary with donations to the Jumby Bay Fund of over US$2.7m and a further US$2m being made directly available to the Government’s Barbuda relief effort.

There was an immediate need to help children displaced by the storms and the Jumby Bay Fund quickly made US$94k available to Island Academy to pay for schooling for a total of 12 students who had been affected by the hurricane.

Jumby Bay Island teamed up with the Mill Reef Club to fund the provision of a large field tent complete with its own generator and air conditioning system. The tent has been handed over to the Red Cross to use as their control center coordinating their efforts in Barbuda.

Mark and Debbie Reid recently visited Barbuda to assess the situation for themselves and to meet with representatives from the Department of the Environment and Barbuda Council in an effort to identify those areas where help is most needed. The Board of the Jumby Bay Fund are looking at funding a number of different projects and we will keep you posted on this in future publications.

The Fund remains very active in a number of other areas, including funding ABSAR (Antigua and Barbuda Search and Rescue), the 2018 Rohrman Triathlon, the Uprising Boxing gym, (whose students are currently competing at the Caribbean Development Boxing Championships in St Lucia), as well as funding St John’s Hospice.

The Good Shepherd Home for Girls, which the Jumby Bay Fund has been supporting for many years, houses and cares for young girls who need supervision and protection. Over the years homeowner and Fund board member, Elizabeth Bunce has spent a great deal of time at Good Shepherd and has got to know the girls and the staff members very well.

Elizabeth arranged for two of the girls to do work experience on Jumby Bay Island in the summer. The staff involved did an excellent job making them both feel welcome and giving them a chance to see many different aspects of the resort. The experience gave the girls an enormous confidence boost and we hope to see this becoming an annual program.

The Jumby Bay Fund also sponsors twenty children annually (plus the girls from Good Shepherd), to take classes at the Swalings Swim Club and we were delighted to see Keyanna, who is a Good Shepherd resident, winning their coveted Swimmer of the Month Award. Only nine months ago she was terrified of the water.

Another Good Shepherd resident Shaunelle won the Footballer of the Month award from Swalings in June. Swalings now have her card truly marked as a promising young talent on the football field.

Finally, as many readers will be aware, we are committed to building a purpose built campus for the severely disabled residents of the Care Project. The scheme has been designed (pro bono) by Andrew Goodenough and is being project managed by our Manager of Planning Michele Thomas. It is the single largest project undertaken so far by the Jumby Bay Fund and we are set to break ground in January 2018. We will keep you updated.