Solar – Phase 2: The first phase of solar panels which was installed in 2016 has proven a great success producing 7% more electricity than the 612,000 kw target specified in the contract. We are now in the process of installing phase two which will double our solar production and enable us to switch off the diesel generators entirely for large parts of the day during the quiet periods.  Phase two will also include battery storage for the first time giving us a few minutes of up to 2.2 megawatts of output. This may not sound much but it will give us vital additional redundancy enabling us to run the generators much more efficiently.

It is envisaged that we will be ready for phase three in the next several years and that this will complete the journey from diesel to solar power during the day. If you would like to know more about the project please contact Ian Steele.

Island Services: Those of you who have visited Island Services recently will know that it is in a state of flux. David Stubbs and his team are erecting a large 105’x 90’ shade house next to the building currently used by Property Maintenance and all nursery gardens and landscaping operations will soon be centred there.

There is a large new building in construction within Island Services which will eventually house both the JBIC and resort property maintenance teams as well as all island builders and mechanics. Space is required for the battery storage element of the new solar installation and large new water storage tanks have recently been constructed to store the desalinated water. Once the moving of the nursery and landscaping operation is complete, Island Services will thereafter be the sole industrial area on the island storing building supplies, aggregates and heavy machinery.

The tortoises have been moved to a wonderful new site and are now very happily living amongst the banana trees near to the Kitchen Garden.

Kitchen Garden: One year after its inauguration the Jumby Bay Island Kitchen Garden continues to thrive, and to evolve. The Farm Stand has now been built and will soon be displaying fresh produce (currently lettuce, beans, peppers, chillies, zucchinis, egg plants, tomatoes, carrots and various herbs and spices) for collection by homeowners and their chefs as soon as they are ready.

Our farm fresh eggs have proven very popular. A new chicken coop is in construction and, as soon as it is completed, we will take delivery of another twenty-five hens to ensure there are enough eggs to go around.

Jumby Bay Island Map: We have seen a number of new homes built as well as several name changes to existing homes over the past year or two. We have recently brought the Jumby Bay Island map fully up to date. If you would like a copy please download it here.