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We’re ever conscious of preserving one of the most beautiful and undisturbed places in the world for future generations.

Homes collect rainwater to use in their gardens, the Jumby Bay Island nursery propagates native plants and trees, bicycles and golf carts have replaced cars. The marine eco-system is just as important; great care is taken to ensure the reef is not endangered by watersports and some homeowners are nurturing new sea gardens to encourage underwater life.

For 25 years the island has supported a conservation programme for the endangered Hawksbill Turtles that nest on the protected beaches of Pasture Bay.

During the nesting season, one of the favourite island pastimes is to witness the female emerging from the sea, back to her place of birth to lay eggs for the next generation. A drama that has been repeated for centuries.

All beaches on the island are protected nesting areas for this beautiful species and two researchers patrol hourly through each night from June to November. As one of the longest running projects in this field, it is a world-leading example of turtle conservation.